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Our Safety Policy

Pets N Plants safety guidelines, measures and practices

Welcome to our new normal

Our world has turned upside down due to the global pandemic effects and affects of the novel Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. Pets N Plants have implemented new safety measures and guidelines in order to protect and serve our community. Pets N Plants would also like to share our sincere thanks to all of the front line workers who have been working hard, out on the field every day to keeping our world together and safe as a team.

What We Hav​e Implemented.


Safety is 1st and always Top Priority

  • All Pet N Plant Sitters are vaccinated. 
  • All Pet N Plant Sitters and Dog Walkers will be required to wear face masks, face coverings and/or shields, gloves and sanitizers to perform any and all services.  
  • All communication will be performed over the phone, virtually, face-time and/or email.
  • Additional coverage such as shoe and outwear covering, can be made available upon request.

Client and Pet Safety

Our goal is to work together in order to ensure the safety of our clients and our team. 

  • Communications, Consultations, Meet and Greets, bookings and plannings will be performed virtually through zoom, face-time, phone and email. 
  • Initial Meet and Greets are performed as non-contact via virtually.
  • Once services are booked, In person Meet N Greets can be scheduled one week prior to the start date of booked services and will be limited up to 30 minutes. 
  • We require all clients to wear a face mask and/or face coverings at all times during any and all in person face to face meeting, interaction and contact in order to provide services.

As Our Friendly Reminder

  • Continue to wash your hands frequently with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Continue to wear face masks and/or coverings for the protection and safety for yourself and others.
  • Continue to practice social distancing.
  • Continue to cover your mouth with tissues whenever you sneeze, and discard used tissues in the trash.
  • Continue to clean frequently touched surfaces utilizing sanitizers throughout common areas.
  • Most importantly, If you feel Sick, please Stay Home and let us know.
We are in this together.

For more safety resources and information 

Click the button below to be taken to the 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention website Healthy Pets, Healthy People 


Healthy Pets, Healthy People